The potential of the Czech industry to complete the NPP in the Czech Republic is 65%

This is the conclusion of a study prepared by experts from the Faculty of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business in cooperation with the Czech Power Industry Alliance.

The analysis points to the potential benefits of the construction of new nuclear units for the Czech economy: an increase in the Czech GDP by up to CZK 936 billion and in public budget revenues by up to CZK 384 billion over the construction period. According to preliminary calculations, these funds would be generated by the construction of four new nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic, assuming a 65% share of Czech industry. If only one Dukovany reactor were built, the increase in the Czech Republic’s GDP would amount to CZK 234 billion and public budget revenues to CZK 96 billion.

An equally important asset would be a significant reduction in the growth rate of final electricity prices, energy independence of the Czech Republic, support for the development of the technological capacities of Czech industry, increasing the skills and competitiveness of the workforce, new technologies and management methods, and support for science and education.

Josef Perlík, Executive Director of the Czech Power Industry Alliance commented, “The Czech industry is very interested in participating to the maximum extent possible in this strategically important project, which will affect the future of our country for at least the next half century. The companies associated in the Czech Power Industry Alliance, as well as those outside it, have both the know-how and the human resources needed to participate in the project. In addition, participation in the project is absolutely necessary to maintain the nuclear power industry in its current condition and to preserve the energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic in the operation of existing and new nuclear power units, as has been the case so far.”

The study was presented at a press conference on 23 February attended by leading representatives of the political and economic spheres. The event was attended by President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Dukovany II Power Plant Petr Závodský, MIT representative in charge of the Energy and Nuclear Resources Section Tomáš Ehler, Chairman of ČMKOS Josef Středula, Vice President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic František Chaloupecký and Executive Director of the Czech Power Industry Alliance Josef Perlík. The conference was moderated by Miroslav Ševčík, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Economics. The study was presented to the journalists by its co-authors from the Faculty of Economics Milan Bednář and Marek Koten.

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