Members of the Alliance Management

Milan Šimonovský
Chairman of the Alliance Committee

The key discussion is now the participation of Czech industry in the construction of a new nuclear power plant. I cannot imagine that the share of domestic industry will be less than 60% of supplies, because Czech companies have historically known, can and are the biggest guarantor of higher independence of the contracting authority from the cross-border supply of nuclear power plant technology.

Josef Perlík
Executive Director

Czech companies supply individual technologies and products for individual energy sources, whether at the time of their construction or operation, are an invaluable and irreplaceable contribution to the energy independence and self-sufficiency of the entire state. Their development, future and preservation of this know-how in domestic hands must be systematically and purposefully cared for. LinkedIn CV

Vladislava Česáková
Member of the Alliance Audit Committee

ZAT is among the four companies in the EU which develop, manufacture, design and supply their own safety instrumentation and control systems for the primary circuit of the nuclear power plants. The Czech Republic is thanks to us belongs among the world suppliers of the most advanced safety and non-safety control systems for nuclear power plants. LinkedIn

František Krček
Vice-Chairman of the Alliance Committee

Daniel Procházka
Member of the Alliance Committee CV

Vladimir Plašil
Member of the Alliance Committee

Jiří Holinka
Member of the Alliance Committee

The Czech companies are capable to provide in addition to the manufacturing also complex engineering services, engineering management and coordination on the EPC level of the know-how. I&C Energo a.s. belongs among such companies when being carrying out its supply and engineering solutions from the position of a system integrator of major manufacturers and suppliers of regulation, control, information and security technologies, components and systems. Is therefore absolutely necessary and simply “the must” to implement these companies into the future supply chain for the new nuclear built in our country and to assure that these competencies will be kept for the future generation. CV