Representatives of Czech Industry Discussed in Korea Cooperation on Completion of Nuclear Units in Czech Republic

Representatives of the Czech Energy Alliance (CPIA), which brings together major Czech energy suppliers, met at the end of May with the management of the South Korean company KHNP, a leading player in the field of nuclear power plant construction in the world. The topic of the meeting, which took place at the company’s headquarters in South Korea, was establishing cooperation and introducing the competencies of Czech companies as major suppliers in the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic.

In Prague, June 9, 2021

“I see the start of communication and the setting up of optimal communication interfaces and relations between Czech industry and Korean colleagues as a fundamental benefit of the meeting. The representation on both sides was more than representative, which declared that both parties take any cooperation seriously,” says Josef Perlík, Executive Director of the Czech Power Industry Alliance.

Representatives of KHNP acquainted the Czech side with the offered technology, supply chain and standard processes of subcontracting. According to Josef Perlík, it is crucial for Czech industry that the Korean partner is aware of the importance and potential of the Czech nuclear energy supply industry and is ready to respect it when participating in and potentially building a new nuclear power plant. “This is very important not only for industry as such, but also for the Czech Republic as a state that essentially implements investments in a new source, and which has an eminent interest in maintaining the nuclear field as a functional unit in the future,” adds Josef Perlík.

During the meeting, Czech experts visited the Shin Kori nuclear power plant, where they inspected Units 5 and 6 under construction, as well as part of the technology of Unit 4, which is already in operation. Barakah.

The conclusion of the meeting was marked by bilateral negotiations of individual Czech companies with representatives from KHNP, Kepco and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction according to the fields in which KHNP and CPIA members can cooperate.

On behalf of the Czech side, the event was attended by representatives of Škoda JS as, Doosan Škoda Power sro, SIGMA Group as, I&C Energo as and ZAT as – members of the Czech Energy Alliance. The aim of the Alliance is to negotiate the participation of Czech companies in the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Dukovany, and thus, among other things, to ensure the future of the nuclear energy supply industry in the Czech Republic as well as energy security and independence in the operation of new units and their service. To meet this goal, it develops activities leading to the establishment of an agreement on preliminary cooperation with all bidders.

The South Korean company KHNP is one of the serious candidates for the completion of nuclear units in our country. The group currently operates 24 nuclear power plants and is building another 8 in the United Arab Emirates and Korea. The Generation III + EU-APR and APR1000 reactors they supply offer state-of-the-art elements of passive safety and protection in the event of a large aircraft crash and cyber attacks.

The goal of the Czech Energy Alliance is to promote Czech companies in the construction and reconstruction of nuclear power plants in the world and to deploy Czech nuclear know-how in the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. 13 major engineering companies were involved in the establishment of the Alliance in 2015. The initiative is based on the National Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Energy.

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