I&C Energo and KEPCO E&C sign MoU to cooperate on Dukovany 5 New Nuclear Power Plant Construction Project

I&C Energo signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with KEPCO E&C on 4th August to cooperate on Dukovany 5 new nuclear power plant construction project.

This MoU is aimed at enhancing collaboration between the two companies on technical consultations and designs for electrical and I&C systems of nuclear power plants. It also includes strengthening and developing cooperation between the two companies for the Dukovany 5 project.

KEPCO E&C is an engineering firm specializing in the designing of nuclear steam supply system(NSSS) and Architect Engineering(A/E) in South Korea. The company is participating in the bidding for the Dukovany 5 project as an engineering company in Team Korea led by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power(KHNP).

I&C Energo has been preparing to join the Czech Dukovany 5 project. As part of the effort, I&C Energo visited South Korea in May as a chair of Czech Power Industry Alliance(CPIA) to discuss with Team Korea future cooperation for the project. The MOU is expected to lay the groundwork for participating in this project.

Although this MoU was signed via correspondence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both companies will continue cooperative discussion to strengthen partnership in the field of electrical and I&C engineering for the Dukovany 5 project.

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