Westinghouse and Bechtel Supplier Summit held in Prague with the support of the Alliance

The event for suppliers was organized by Westinghouse Electric Company and Bechtel in cooperation with the Czech Power Industry Alliance. Both companies submitted a bid in November to build a new nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic.

In the introduction, the appointed US Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Bijan Sabet, welcomed representatives of 55 Czech companies. “Westinghouse and Bechtel assured me that they take the Czech Republic very seriously. The companies have been working together for more than 70 years to successfully deliver nuclear power assets in an effort to ensure a pure and resilient energy infrastructure,” Ambassador Sabet remarked at the Supplier Day event. “They recognize your expertise and experience and know that strong relationships with you and your companies are not only helpful, but essential to success.”

Josef Perlík, Executive Director of the Czech Power Industry Alliance, commented on the mutual cooperation between the two companies and Czech companies, “Czech industry appreciates the interest of both companies in cooperation and is ready to participate in the supply chain and project implementation to the maximum extent possible. We see the current discussion between the partners as a unique opportunity to create a strategic partnership between the two parties, which can be very beneficial and interesting for the Czech Republic as well as for other countries planning nuclear power development.”

According to an analysis of the potential of the Czech industry published by the Prague University of Economics and Business last Thursday, it is possible for Czech companies to participate in the construction of new nuclear power plants to the extent of 65% of the total supply in the combination of construction and technology. In addition, a possible strategic partnership could open up the possibility of their involvement not only in the individual supply of individual components and equipment, but also in the management of the supply of higher logical units of individual parts of the construction of new nuclear power plants.

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