Alliance representatives attended EdF Supplier Day

On 24.6.2021, representatives of the Alliance attended EdF’s Supplier Day, which took place at the French Embassy in Prague. This meeting was a follow-up to the meeting between representatives of the Czech industry and EdF from the previous week in Paris, and introduced the Czech industry in detail to the possibilities of cooperation between the various entities on the occasion of the construction of the new unit at Dukovany.

The Alliance is thus continuing to successfully develop its relations with all potential bidders for the construction of the Dukovany NPP and the attached EdF press release shows that the importance of the Czech industry and its strength of competence is also recognised by the French partner.

Even so, Czech companies still have a long way to go to successfully position themselves in the supply chains of the various bidders.

“We are working diligently to help Czech companies, rightly, to get into the supply models of the individual bidders to secure their future in the construction of the Dukovany NPP and at the same time to be able to support and co-secure the self-sufficiency of the nuclear power industry in the Czech Republic as such and in the operation and maintenance of the unit as it is now. However, we are only at the beginning of these activities and despite the serious approach of the other parties we still have a lot of work to do, hopefully successfully, to achieve this,” says the Chairman of the Alliance Committee Ing. Milan Šimonovský.

Press Release

EDF showcases major cooperation opportunities for the Czech nuclear industry at a “French-Czech Suppliers’ Day” event dedicated to the Dukovany 5 project.

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